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Build Apps. Not Infrastructure.


Introducing Data Apps

Analyze your data in minutes, not hours or days. Develop and test your app locally using the Zillabyte command line interface. Push to our cloud and we'll automatically scale and handle the infrastructure for you.

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Reusable Data Science

Components are advanced algorithms built into incredibly easy-to-use packages. Build your own and share with the world.

  • Geocoding
  • Fraud analysis
  • Web scraping

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The Data You Need

Use your own private datasets or plug into our off-the-shelf data, which includes a copy of the web. You can even combine the two and extract rich insights.

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pay-as-you-go monthly enterprise
Compute price $1.00 / machine / hour $1000 / month + overage Contact Us!
Included compute hours - 1500 hours Unlimited
Ability to suspend apps Yes Yes Yes
Access to open datasets Yes Yes Yes
Max Parallelism 24 instances Unlimited Unlimited

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